Friday, October 28, 2011

Organize your Stuff week#2

Week#2~Brainstorming. TwoPeas Thread
I think I need to arrange my room by stations.
*wall of stash~paper,scraps,embellishments,diecuts,pictures,albums,& mini album stuff
*workspace~most used tools,adhesives,nice rolling chair,& good sized work surface
*stamping~stamps,inks,embossing stuff,& work surface
*messy stuff~paints,mists,glitter,stickles,& work surface
*die-cutting~surface for machines,storage for dies,cartridges &embossing folders
*crochet~yarn storage,tool storage,& comfy chair

I'd also like my stuff to be more hidden & my furniture to be more cohesive & pretty.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Organize Your Stuff week#1

What works well~
*Alphas by letter in 2 tackle boxes.

*Chipboard by type in baggies in drawer. I don't have much so this is good.

*Embellishments by color in individual tackle boxes.

*Cards to sell or give away by type. Envelopes & card blanks behind them. Might move basket to a shelf so I can use the flat surface for stamping.

*Cards for personal use by month & type.

*Flowers by color.

*Stamps unmounted in cd cases. Sorted bytheme.(flowers,alphas,christmas,etc...) I would like to create an index someday.

*Paper by color or collection.

What works ok~

*Projects in progress & kits.

*Crop organization

*Alpha stickers in binder by color.

*Paints by type & color. Glitter in drawer. Need to get them all in one area for messy stuff.

*Scraps by color. Need to be with other paper so I remember them.

*Computer & scanner area.They take up a lot of work surface.

*Journaling pens & pencils by color in embellishment containers. Want to put on work space.

*My work space. I would like to divide it up into a couple of stations.

*Heat embossing tools & powders in drawers. Want them more accessable.

*Diecut machines & diecut, cartridge, & embossing folder storage.

*Die-cuts&punched pieces are here & there. Needs consolidated.

*Templates are in envelopes. Not accessable.

*Ribbon by color. I've run out of room & would like to get it condensed to a smaller space.

*Punches on shelves or in little drawers. Not sure what I want to do here.

*Adhesive & tools. Need to consalidate & make more accessable from work space.

What doesn't work~

*Pictures & negatives in shoe boxes. Needs organized by album. Then made into page kits.

*Memorabila is scattered hither & yon. Needs storage by date.

*Ideas are on scraps of paper & scattered about. I want to get all into 8.5x11 binders.

*Yarn & crochet stuff in guestroom closet. Need to find a place in craftroom for it.

*Ink pad storage.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Organize your Stuff Challenge

I've been scrapbooking for 9 years & in this craftroom for 4 years & it has gotten out of hand. So I'm doing Wookiemouse's Organize your Stuff Challenge. Over on Twopeas Crisann is hosting a 5th round and there is a thread for each weeks challenge. So you can chat & share ideas. I'm really excited to do this. Here's a look at my messy room.

And the overspill into the guestroom.