Thursday, November 17, 2011

Organize your Stuff week#5

Week #5~scraps Two Peas thread

It's gonna be an easy week. My scraps are pretty organized, but I don't use them much. I don't think of them because they are tucked away seperate from the rest of my paper.

Once I get my Expedit from Ikea the baggies will go into my color baskets. I'm also going to add baggies to each paper stack. So the scraps will stay with the coordinating papers.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Organize your Stuff week#4

Week #4~Paper Tw0Peas Thread

This is how I have it right now. In Generations envelopes on wire cubes.

Top cube is metallic,white,cream,brown,grey & black.
In the boxes is themed paper & kit leftovers that need to go back into the stashNext row on the left is paper collections & cardstock to match.
Then on the right is pink,burgandy,red,orange,yellow & purple.
Bottom left is more paper collections.
Bottom right is green & blue.

While I need to do a little sorting & putting away this is how I want my paper sorted. By collection, theme or color. What I am changing (aside from the location) is the shelving. I'm getting this for the new room. Paper will be on here with embellishments to match.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Organize your Stuff week#3

Week #3~Clean Slate Bonus complete overhaul post TwoPeas thread

Now we decide whether we start small or go big. I am switching rooms so I'm going for broke. We have 3 spare bedrooms & when we moved in I took the smallest oddly shaped(bathroom juts into room)one, because my mish mash furniture & stash fit. Now I don't want to sound whiney cause I have a room & that makes me extremely lucky. It's just that I have more stuff now & some ideas for furniture & extras I want & they won't fit in this room. I asked Hubby if he'd mind & He said go for it. So I'm moving into the next bigger room. I'm pretty excited. The only problem I see is I have to have it all moved by Christmas because we'll have house guests. It won't have to be all put away, just moved. Here's hoping.

The door on the left is my current room & the one on the right is the new room. If I outgrow this room I might just have to knock the wall down between them. LOL

And this is the new room. Because there's no jut-in there's more floor space. And because of the way the door & closet are situated theres more usable wall space. I want line one wall with tables & I'm planning on getting a big Expedit & a comfy chair for crocheting or reading in. Did I mention I'm excited. ;)