Sunday, August 16, 2009

My first crochet necklace.

Here is my first attempt at crocheting jewelry. Ididn't like a few things about it, so i'm gonna work on the pattern a bit. I'll post it when I figure out all the changes.

I used #10 crochet cotton & a #8 steel hook.

The flower is a pattern by Nichole Heady.

Crochet Trim on Cards.

Here's a little trim piece I made to use on a card. I used #10 thread & a #8 steel hook.

Close up of trim.

Trim on card.

Close up of trim & flower. Flower is made with pattern from Nichole Heady.

Trim Pattern~

ch even number(to length you want)
Then ch3 (counts as first dc)
dc in 4th ch from hook & in each ch across.
ch1 & turn
sc in first dc
*sc, picot in next dc, sc in next dc*
repeat *to* across
cut thread & finish off.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Little Birdies Flowers

This link was posted on the "crochet your own fleurettes" thread on SplitCoastStampers. These are simple flowers, but they have great impact. There is also a video tutorial to help you learn this flower.

Here's the link for the thread on SCS. It's a great resource for patterns, tips, & chatter about crochet flowers.

Here are a bunch that I did. You can vary the size of the flower with thread & hook size. It's also fun to change colors after the first round, or use varigated threads for a different look. The first row is #10 crochet thread & size #7 steel hook, second row is embroidery floss & # 5 steel hook, third row is #3 crochet thread & #2 steel hook, and the last row is 2 strands of #10 held together & #5 steel hook.

More Leaves

I posted a link to a pattern for leaf chains earlier. (go here to find it)
Then Cindy (cvansluys on scs) mentioned doing them in fall colors so I did a few different chains. The top one is done with different crochet threads (size 10) changing colors after each leaf. The bottom 2 are done with varigated floss. I think they're both cool effects.
Here is a close up of the chains.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Daisy Pattern

I made up this daisy pattern & thought I'd share. It makes such pretty flowers. It uses the magic ring method of starting. Here's the link.

I'm also posting a link to a turorial for the treble treble crochet stitch.

Daisy Pattern~

Use magic ring to start.
slst into ring
ch 4
(dc, ch1)5 times into ring
if using 2 colors finish off.
continuing or starting new color
in ch 1 space work (slst, ch 5, 2 trtr ,ch 5, slst)
repeat in each ch1 space around
slst into first ch1 space
finish off.