Saturday, September 12, 2009

Dyeing Your Flowers

I found a couple of tutorials on dyeing your crochet flowers. I don't have reinkers so I had to fudge it. ;)

And here's my take. I used rit dye, water, rubbing alchohol, pearl-ex, & gum arabic. Mix it all up in a spray bottle & spray on flowers. I already had this mixed up to use like glimmer mist. I probably wouldn't use the pearlex or gum arabic if I was just mixing this up for flowers. The pearl-ex didn't show much.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Daisy Variations

Here is a link to my original daisy pattern.

There are lots of easy variations for this pattern.

From dc to sc in the center.

These are 10 dc in center ring, *slst,ch2,skip dc* around, then work petals into ch2 space.

You can also add or subtract petals easily.

Or you can shorten or lengthen the petals, by using taller or shorter stitches.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Choker Pattern

I made more & finally worked out a pattern I like.

Choker Pattern~
With #10 crochet cotton & #7 steel hook ch91,
slst in 2nd ch from hook,
slst in next 4 ch, ch6
*skip next 2 ch, dc in next ch, ch3* (25 times)
ch6, skip next 2 ch, slst in next 6 ch,
finish off & weave in ends.
Add clasp. I use cord tip endings. Like these. And a lobster claw clasp.

Optional flower: I made a single layer flower from Nichole Heady's pattern with # 10 thread & #7 hook. Here's the post I did on her flowers.
I just left the end threads a little long & don't work in. Tie the flower to the 13th dc, add some clear glue to the knot in back. When it's dry trim ends.
Here's a pic of the new necklace.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Flower Scarf

I saw this idea over on Applehead's blog, to make a scarf out of flowers. Here's her blog.
Here's her original post that inspired me.
Here's the pattern for her scarf.

Here's my take on that. It's not the same, but definately inspired by hers.

The small & medium flowers are made first then you connect them together with the large flowers in the last round.

Small Flower~with color 1 & hook G make 4. start with magic ring method. 5sc into ring. slst into first sc. Tighten ring. Then in first sc *ch 2, 2dc, ch2 slst back into sc* repeat from *to* in each sc (5 petals) finish off & weave in ends.

Medium Flower~ With color 2 & hook H make 4. Start with magic ring method. Ch 3, 9 dc into ring, slst in to top of ch 3. Tighten ring. *Ch2, 3dc in next dc, ch2, slst into next dc* repeat from*to* around.(5 petals) Finish off & weave in ends. This is the flower pattern I got on Little birdie's secrets blog. Here's my post with a link to it.

Large Flower~ with color 3 & hook J make 9.(attaching in the 2nd & 5th petals, except for the end ones attach those in just the 5th.) Ch3,9dc into ring, slst into top of ch3, *ch3,skip next dc, slst into next dc* repeat rom*to* around. (5 ch3 loops) In each ch3 loop^sc, 4dc, sc^. To attach flowers after second dc in petal make a slst in to the tip of the other flowers petal. slst into first sc of first petal. Finish off & weave in ends.

Hope my pattern is clear. Feel free to ask questions & I'll do my best to answer them.