Saturday, December 5, 2009

Yumminess in Book Form

Took a break from my mad crocheting & went and did a bit of christmas shopping today.(bought more yarnSmiley ) We are getting so close to done. I can see the light. I think at one point hubby tried to shove me into it just so he could be done shopping. LOL

Anywho while I was wandering through Borders bargain section looking for a cookbook for my SIL(didn't find what I wanted aargh) I came acrossed this little gem for $3. So I just had to pick it up for me as a reward for doing so well on my shopping. (heehee)

Twist and Loop by Annie Modesitt

It's full of advice & patterns & how-tos. And pictures, beautiful lovely pictures. I'd have bought it for the pics alone. I'm feeling all kinds of inspired. I can't wait to dig into my wire & bead stash.

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