Friday, January 28, 2011


As I mentioned in yesterday's post I have a ton of scrapbook stash. I plan on using up a bunch doing my 365 album. I happened acrossed this challenge blog that I think will be a great help. Counterfeit Kits Instead of buying new stuff everytime you start a new project you use the inspiration kit & your stash to make your own kit. I plan on using each months kit to make the 365 pages for that month.

Here's my kit for January.

And here's my January add-on.


  1. I like your kit...especially those black die cut/laser cut It will be cool to use your kits for that month of project 365! I can't wait to see some of your layouts!

  2. Hi! I wanted to thank you for the great pattern for Wristies that you put on your blog back in 2009. I just made a pair and love them so plan to make more. You can see them on my blog AllMyScatteringMoments.

    Greeting from Holland,

  3. Great kit! I love the Cricut cuts!