Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Organize your Stuff week#4

Week #4~Paper Tw0Peas Thread

This is how I have it right now. In Generations envelopes on wire cubes.

Top cube is metallic,white,cream,brown,grey & black.
In the boxes is themed paper & kit leftovers that need to go back into the stashNext row on the left is paper collections & cardstock to match.
Then on the right is pink,burgandy,red,orange,yellow & purple.
Bottom left is more paper collections.
Bottom right is green & blue.

While I need to do a little sorting & putting away this is how I want my paper sorted. By collection, theme or color. What I am changing (aside from the location) is the shelving. I'm getting this for the new room. Paper will be on here with embellishments to match.

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