Saturday, August 15, 2009

More Leaves

I posted a link to a pattern for leaf chains earlier. (go here to find it)
Then Cindy (cvansluys on scs) mentioned doing them in fall colors so I did a few different chains. The top one is done with different crochet threads (size 10) changing colors after each leaf. The bottom 2 are done with varigated floss. I think they're both cool effects.
Here is a close up of the chains.


  1. Very nice.....I like them a lot! I have got to get back into trying this again. I got frustrated with one part of the directions that makes part of the top leaf overlap the bottom leaf. I know I can do this if I slow down and concentrate. Once I "get it" then, it's easy. I just have had too many distractions the past couple of weeks!!

    Great job!

  2. oh my.....LOVE these! I just can't see myself making them.....but I'm almost tempted!! LOL! Beautiful work! :)